Regulation about Editorial Board and Editorial Council


The Journal of Civil Protection is the scientific journal distributed on the territory of the republic of Belarus and beyond its borders.

The State Educational Establishment «University of Сivil Protection of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus» is the founder, owner and also editor of this journal.

The journal is the nonprofit organization without formation of legal person carries out its activity in compliance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus «About print media and other mass media», Editorial policy of the Journal of Civil Protection, the statute of the University of Civil Protection of the MES of Belarus, orders and instructions of the head of the university, and also according to the given Regulation.

The journal publishes articles of domestic and foreign scientists concerning theoretical and practical aspects of prevention and elimination of emergency situations; provision of fire and industrial safety; civil protection; psychological factors attendant emergency situations.

Functions of editorial staff are fulfilled by the University of Civil Protection of the MES of Belarus. In accordance with policy mission and goals stated in the journal, editorial staff of the journal:

  • rganizers expert examination of submitted articles into the editorial staff;
  • makes license contracts with articles' authors;
  • realizes edition of the Journal of Civil Protection, size A-4 (60х84 1/8), with periodicity 4 issues per year;
  • organizers the distribution of the issue by retail and by subscription;
  • provides placing of full-text electronic version of issues on the web site of the journal, sites of home and foreign electronic libraries and info bases;
  • establishes creative contacts with other scientific establishments and organizations; concludes agreements with polygraph enterprisers, communication organizations.

The journal has got two collegiate management organs – Editorial Council and Editorial Board.

Chief Editor

Leadership of the whole activity of editorial staff is carried out by the chief editor.

The chief editor of the journal is the head of the founder - the head of the University of Civil Protection of the MES of Belarus.

The chief editor is guided in his activity by current legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the Statute of the university, and also present Regulation.

The chief editor

  • is at the head of the whole work, connected with preparation, edition and realization of the journal;
  • takes final decisions concerning production and edition of the journal;
  • presents the journal in scientific circles and educational institutions, state structures, public associations, mass media and other organizations;
  • is responsible for compliance with requirements to the activity of mass media in accordance with the Law of the republic of Belarus.

In the case of absence of the chief editor his functions are carried out by the deputy chief.

Editorial Board

Operational management of the journal is carried out by the Editorial Board. The personnel of the board are defined by the Founder.

The activity of the Editorial Board is aimed at the solution of the following tasks:

  • elaboration of direction of development of the journal, definition of priority topical directions;
  • consideration and approval of the content of regular issues of a journal;
  • introduction of changes into the Editorial policy and Publication ethics of the journal;
  • making decisions concerning publication or rejecting submitted materials;
  • control of the activity of the editorial staff and fulfillment of the current Regulation;
  • protection of interests of the members of the editorial staff of the journal.

The sessions of the Editorial Board take place once per quarter. Decisions of the Editorial Board are made by the majority of vote.

Editorial Council

Editorial Council is founded with the aim of provision of high scientific level of the journal and its promotion in home and international scientific association.

The main task of the Editorial Council is the scientific leadership and support of the journal, promoting the dissemination of the journal and the introduction of scientific developments in the complexes and sectors of the national economy in order to form a stable link between science and the economy.

Functions of the Editorial Council:

  • preparations of recommendations for publication of scientists’ articles;
  • elaboration of proposals on formation of special thematic issues;
  • analysis and generalization of recommendations on its development and improvements;
  • determination of priority subject matters of editions and parts of the journal;
  • elaboration of recommendations for the Editorial Board of the journal on organization, development and improvement of scientific and editorial-publishing activity of the journal;
  • participation in the expertizing and review of materials;
  • assistance to the authors in scientific-methodological and information-legal support.

The Editorial Council is formed on the basis of voluntary participation. The Editorial Council consists of famous home and foreign scientists, managers of educational, scientific, research centers, and international organizations, as well as public and state personalities having the international authority. Editorial Council is approved by the Chief Editor.