About the Journal

The Journal of Civil Protection is a quarterly scientific edition, founded in 2005 and distributed on the territory of the republic of Belarus and beyond its borders. Until 2016, the journal had been published once every six months under the name “Vestnik of the Institute for Command Engineers of the MES of the Republic of Belarus”.

The State Educational Institution "University of Civil Protection of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus" is the founder and publisher of the journal.

The mission of the journal consists in the formation of scientific and information environment reflecting the state of research of native and foreign scientists concerning life safety provision in emergency situations and civil protection.

The journal publishes articles of native and foreign scientists, reflecting achievements of technical, psychological and military sciences, civil protection applied in the human life safety provision in emergency situations. The main thematic sections of the journal are:

− theoretical and practical aspects of prevention and elimination of emergency situations;
− fire and industrial safety provision;
− civil defence;
− psychological factors relating to emergency situations;
− psychological aspects of training specialists in the field of prevention and elimination of emergency situations;

The journal is included in the List of scientific publications of the Republic of Belarus for release of the results of dissertational research in psychological, technical (in the scientific areas – safety in emergency situations, fire and industrial safety, civil defense) and military (in the scientific area – civil defense) sciences.

The Journal of Civil Protection is included in the Russian List of peer-reviewed scientific publications for release of the main scientific results of dissertational research in 5 scientific specialties in the field of technical sciences: 1.3.17. Chemical physics, combustion and explosion, physics of extreme states of matter, 2.10.1. Fire safety, 2.10.2. Environmental safety, 2.10.3. Occupational safety, 3.2.6. Safety in emergency situations.

The Editorial Board of the journal includes 20 Doctors habilitated and 13 PhD who are specialists in the fields of scientific knowledge that correspond to the profile of the edition and represent scientists from Belarus, Russia, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Poland.

The Journal of Civil Protection is registered in the State Register of Mass Media (certificate No. 1835 dated from September 19, 2016) and is included in the database of the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI).

Subscription indexes of the journal in the catalogue «Editions of the Republic of Belarus»:

00136   – for individual subscribers;

001362 – departmental subscription.